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My old website was a mess. Tanya helped me get it fixed and I was able to quit my other paid advertising. It was nice to be able to simplify my life and I have saved a bunch of money, that I was wasting on other kinds of advertising, by making my website more friendly and more usable.

Tanya revitalized my website and improved my SEO which in turn has increased my leads (and sales)! She communicates well and is efficient in her work. You won’t regret hiring Tanya!

Tanya came to the rescue and provided my business with a professional website, which has received numerous compliments. She was clear and concise with the information she needed from me, and she works fast! She completed what I needed sooner than I expected, and she demonstrates an excellent work ethic. She goes above and beyond to make a clean and visually appealing design. I highly recommend Chickadee Media.